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Although Google says that there

Especially when competitors offer 50 products in the same category. Attention: The aim is not to put as much text as possible on each page. It is important that the user’s search intention is fulfilled for a specific query and that you give Google enough input via metadata and optimized H-labeling about what this page is about. 3. Poor internal linking Another reason for the status “Crawled – not currently indexed” is poor internal linking. If Google only finds a URL hidden in the 12th directory level or only via the sitemap, then the bot will rightly assume.


The user will not find this

This content does not seem to be relevant.   content anyway – or will only find it by chance. My SEO colleague Anika explains how you can optimize the internal linking of your site in her blog post. 4. Content that is no longer current Old content does Netherlands Mobile Number List not automatically mean bad content. But: Old and irrelevant is a combination that probably won’t appear in the SERPS. A blog post about lipstick trends 2014 will no longer interest anyone in 2022. For example, products from the pre-pre-pre-season that are no longer available share the same fate.

Not Currently Indexed

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In some cases, you can turn “old and irrelevant” into “current and relevant”: My content marketing colleague Martin Stäbe shows you how to do this Ethiopia Telegram Number in his blog post: Content Repurposing Ideas What to do? Now you know why URLs end up in the “Crawled –  ” coverage report. However, the Gretchen question is not “What should I do?” but rather: “Do I have to do anything at all?” Important: The larger your domain, the more likely you are to find unindexed URLs in your coverage report. This is completely normal and not always a reason to act.

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