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A few thousand URLs

This primarily includes news sites, but also websites with “lightning offers” or similar fast-moving products. With a WordPress website and not an excessive amount of content, you should never have problems with crawl control.  with A few thousand fast-moving or a lot of content, then a comprehensive analysis is necessary. Ideally, you should, among other things, look at the log files of your website and check which areas .


If you have problems with

In any case, crawling control is only for A few thousand real Senegal WhatsApp Number List professionals – but luckily only very large domains usually need it. As long as your website only has a four-digit number of URLs in the index (enter into Google), crawl control should usually not be a problem for you. If so, here are our articles on the topic: robots.txt.


If you belong to the group

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SEO & crawling control Log file A few thousand analysis Index China Email List cleanup If you have too many URLs in the index that are not particularly good in Google’s eyes, this can negatively affect your ranking. Duplicate content can become a problem for you. most of the text on a website is exactly the same as on another URL. Here the ratio is crucial. don’t matter if you have hundreds of thousands of URLs with content. However, if you only have a few hundred “real” URLs and then five times that amount of duplicate content, then you probably have a problem. The same applies to the text within a URL.

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