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Why is it so important to have your own domain?

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There are several factors that contribute to your real estate website appearing more than your competitor, any beginning real estate agent knows this. However, despite there being a lot of interest in SEO techniques and Google Adwords. Many real estate agents simply do not give due importance to choosing a domain and end up giving up a very important tool for digital it so important marketing. What most of them don’t know is that choosing your own domain. In addition to giving more credibility to the real it so important estate website, also helps to leverage other tools – including SEO and Adwords . Want to know the reason? Follow along. But after all. What is self-control? First of all, you need to understand what your it so important own domain is, which, in fact, is the name of your real estate website. It is through this that the website is instantly identifie – in fact. It is the only part of it capable of doing this.

Now imagine that your name is João, but your domain is Teresa

That the name of your company is “Meu Imóvel”, but the domain is “arrozblusacopocinemapanela”. A URL like that, that is, generic, doesn’t help anyone identify your company, does it? Having your own domain , therefore, is the first step to increasing your website’s credibility. Increase your visibility on the internet But this is just the beginning. Because having your own domain Kuwait Phone Number List means increasing your visibility many times over on this large and democratic showcase call the internet. With it you will be seen much more easily by your target audience. As it is crucial for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – that set of techniques for your website to be found by search engines and better position in searches – since all links on your website are link to your URL, as is your ranking on Google. Tecimob: Website ready for real estate agents and real estate agencies.

Remember that most of the traffic for a well-planned website

Google Adwords is also strengthen when it comes to ranking your keywords. For example. If your own domain is made up of keywords. Your website will automatically move up in the Adwords auction. Unify and strengthen your brand A strong brand in the market is synonymous with trust and credibility – and therefore the unification of all its aspects helps it to become increasingly Italy Phone Number List consolidate. It’s no surprise that the best companies develop extensive visual communication work. Adding colors and logos in accordance with the essence of the brokerage. What many people don’t realize. Especially those just starting out in the market. Is that owning your own domain is also part of this unification. It tells the visitor that they are in the right place, for example, that the page really belongs to the real estate agency they are looking for. It provides more credibility – and peace of mind, especially in times when there are so many attempts to steal data online.


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