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What is the most important element for a website to be successful

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Quite contrary to what most people think when starting to design their website, one of the most important factors that will allow a website to be successful is not having a visually attractive website or with many animations or videos, nor a website with sound or pretty images. The most important factor for a website to be successful is the “content” , something that is often forgotten, but which influences both users and the popularity of our website in search engines. The visually attractive design of a website is important but beyond that, the content is what ultimately ends up influencing the decisions that a potential client can make to purchase what we are offering on our website.

A very practical example is when you read a magazine

You do not end up reading all the information that is publish, but only the article(s) that caught your attention and interest. The same thing happens on the Internet, your website competes with thousands of others. websites that are offering the same thing as you and if the Israel Phone Number List user does not find information that catches their attention or motivates them to purchase what you are offering, it is very likely that they will continue visiting another web page until they find what they are looking for. Below I am going to show you one of the techniques that we use at PeruCreativo and that we share with our clients when we start developing the design of a website.

You need to put yourself in the shoes of the end user

Remember that on average, you only have 8 seconds to capture the user’s attention when they enter a website for the first time. If you can’t do this, no matter how much advertising you use to Iran Phone Number List get people to visit your website, you will only be wasting your money. . Something so simple but almost always forgotten, if you need help on how to organize the content of your website to make it more profitable and obtain quick results, do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly help you. Copyright The free distribution and use of this material is authorize, as well as its publication on other websites.

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