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The most popular ones include

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The most popular ones include Have a discussion with your team about the conclusions of the analysis. Try to look at the results from different points of view. You can award points to individual factors depending on their importance. From -2 to 0 for weaknesses and threats and from 0 to +2 for strengths and opportunities . Bas on the results, develop an initial action strategy, which will then be detail and implement by the company’s management.  SWOT analysis and company strategies In the SWOT analysis, we distinguish four operating strategies. That a company can adopt: aggressive, defensive, competitive and conservative.

The most popular ones include

It all depends on which fields on the SWOT matrix will dominate over the others. will receive DB to Data the most points. An aggressive strategy ( strengths and opportunities dominate ) – this is the best possible situation. This strategy involves strong expansion of the company and taking advantage of emerging opportunities. Conservative strategy ( strengths and threats dominate ) – it should be consider when the company has internal potential, but the unfavorable environment prevents its intensive development. This strategy assumes that strengths must be us to cope with external threats. Competitive strategy ( weaknesses and opportunities dominate ) – involves taking advantage of opportunities while eliminating the company’s weaknesses.

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The advantage of this situation is a friendly environment CUB Directory thanks to which the company can maintain its position on the market. Defensive strategy- if the negative factors outweigh the positive ones, there is a risk of company failure. Therefore, the focus should be on the survival of the organization  Aggressive strategy Conservative strategy Weaknesses (W) Competitive strategy Defensive strategy Remember – when choosing a method of operation, always keep the company’s main strategic goals in mind . Sometimes the choice of a given strategy is more complicat and depends on a specific combination of factors. analysis also has disadvantages. 

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