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Summer 2021 Trends: Your Most Summery Terrace

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It’s finally summer! It’s time to relax and spend the afternoons absorbing vitamin D from the safety of our terrace . Taking into account the current situation and the time we will spend in it. Perhaps it is a good idea to renew it following the Most Summery Terrace summer trends. What do you think? At Behind Pictures we love giving a new look to old spaces. And that is why we have prepared the best trends to decorate your terrace and make it look trendy! Fancy a new color palette? Or are you looking for some accessories that bring it out? Keep reading and discover the latest summer trends so that your terrace becomes the favorite place of your bubble group! The “ Raw ” aesthetic dominates the summer trends We have already seen it in other articles about home decoration , and on the terraces it was not going to be different; The Raw aesthetic also dominates the summer trends for terraces.

The Raw aesthetic consists of using raw

As it could not be otherwise. The Raw aesthetic is one of the strongest summer trends. And it is no wonder, since, right now, building a relaxed and harmonious environment can be key to being able to enjoy some placid vacation. As you may UAE Phone Number List have already imagined. Wood is a basic in this aesthetic.  And you can complement it with light colors to achieve a simple, but very elegant aesthetic. Pallet furniture and wrought iron details are the most chosen accessories within the raw aesthetic ; These combinations of materials follow a sustainable decoration line worthy of one of the best summer trends . Natural fibers, a must for your terrace according to summer trends Continuing with the previous point, and as expected, natural fibers cannot be missing in the decoration for your terrace.

These types of materials provide warmth

You can either incorporate them into your seats or into a rug . You can even opt for the lampshade or the side table ! There are many options in terms of natural fibers. Rattan and bamboo, for example, have been with us for a long time in decorating terraces. The Viennese grille in outdoor furniture has become one of the summer super trends . Neutral colors are here to stay Surely you already imagined it with the Raw aesthetic , but this range of colors is essential for the summer trends . These tones bring warmth to the space , while Australia Phone Number List managing to create an aura of tranquility where you can relax and disconnect. On the other hand, the great advantage of these raw tones is that they are timeless , and in terrace decoration they give a most elegant image. Blue and green; summer classics Although neutral tones prevail in the summer trends, complementing them with some touches of color will make your terrace immediately exude good vibes.

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