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The Keys To Mediterranean Architecture

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Have you ever seen the warm orange that covers the roofs of Venice? Or the dazzling white houses in southern Spain? These distinctive images have a common reason for being and that is that Mediterranean architecture is the basis of these visual spectacles. This architectural style was born in the lands bathed by the The Keys To Mediterranean Sea. From which it gets its name. And on this occasion. At Behind Pictures we want to give the importance it deserves to the beauty of Mediterranean architecture . Do you want to know all its secrets? What is Mediterranean architecture? Mediterranean architecture is a set of design techniques that are use in the regions that border the sea with which it shares its name. But it is not exclusive to these locations .

The modern era served to introduce it to the rest

Combining new ideas with the details that most characterize it. The Mediterranean means that countries as different as Spain. Italy or Greece share climate. Geographical characteristics and even customs, lifestyles and gastronomic Hong Kong Phone Number List trends. Therefore, although each country has its particularities, Mediterranean architecture has basic characteristics that are base on the climatic and geographical conditions of the Mediterranean area. A little history Mediterranean architecture has come a long way to become what it is today; The Mediterranean bathes more than 20 countries and 3 continents. So the influence of cultures such as French, Tunisian or Moroccan have contribute to the adaptations over the years and the differences between countrie .

Being mainly influenced in Italian

Greek and Spanish regions during the Mediterranean Renaissance; Mediterranean architecture had its peak in the 20th century , and spread throughout the world through the personalities of the time who took it to the other side of the world. An example of this are the luxurious villas on the coasts of California and Florida , which stand out for the Canada Phone Number List perfectly recognizable characteristics of Spanish Mediterranean architecture . Characteristics of Mediterranean architecture Although we have told you that Mediterranean architecture is present in countries on three continents , it is also true that there are some common characteristics that make it an unmistakable style . And when we talk about this type of architecture, whether classic or modern, Greek, Spanish or Italian, there are very specific aspects that are always there and that manage to leave us with an incomparable feeling of peace and relaxation .

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