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Intelligent engine Because with the development

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difficult to stop once the wheels are rolling, as they are now. Change in Google’s AI guidelines Google updated its guidelines for AI content during 2023. Because where previously there was opposition to AI-generated content. They have changed to the fact that it is not about whether it is a robot or a. Human who created the content – it is about the quality towards the end user “however it’s produced”. However, the human touch has indirectly become more crucial than ever – both for users and search engines. In 2023,

countless companies lost traffic and revenue

this year. Welcome to week 51. search new Canadian Mobile Phone Number Data s week 51 In this last week leading up to Christmas, we’ll cover everything from structured data (again) to local SEO, spam guidelines and of course AI. Google updates structured data (again): Focus on authorship in Q&A and forum content It is now on a weekly basis that Google updates its options for structured data documentation – a technical way of setting up the content so that Google better understands the signals. This time Google has put its focus on.

as a result of a little too frequent use of AI content

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Not because it was AI per se – but beca CUB Directory use the content was thin, mediocre and the human was lost in the artificial. The content is not just content. If the quality is not good and unique enough to beat competitors, we humans and search engines p updated 21 Dec 2023 / Strategy / 4 min read This week’s recap on the search engine – Week 51 Every week we delve into the latest updates on the search engine and how marketing should be handled. This week you will receive the Christmas edition, which will also be the last for.

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