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Elements that the cover of your website should have to convert visitors into customers

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They say that the first impression is what counts and the same thing happens on the Internet. The design of the cover of your website becomes the first impression that your potential client will have of your company. Which is why it is important to know how to use the elements that can persuade visitors into customers the visitor to take action. Not only is it necessary for the page to have common elements such as the logo. A navigation menu, etc. It is about using elements that help the visitor know how to identify what we are offering in a few seconds. To do this. We have made a list of the 5 elements that every page should have on its cover to increase the conversion of visits into leads: Table of visitors into customers contents [ Hide ] 1 Calls to action 2 Contact visitors into customers information 3 Customer Testimonials.

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The color of the call to action is also an important part. Since it must have a color that contrasts with the color of the web page. And there must be no other elements that distract the visitor. Everything must aim to highlight this call to Azerbaijan Phone Number List action. the action Contact information Although this may be very obvious. It is not so strange to see web pages that do not have contact information in a visible place. Although it is true that the contact information can be found within the “Contact us” section. It is also important to publish them in a place visible on our cover. This way if a visitor enters exclusively to call us. They will find this information quickly and easily Customer Testimonials It is very easy to publish on our web pages how good we are at doing this or that thing. But that does not say anything to the client.

Almost a large majority of companies already

Intuitive navigation When we have meetings with clients who need to start a web project. Some tell us that they need a unique and original website, out of the ordinary. But this can often be something negative. On the Internet there are standards that make it easier for the user to navigate a web page, for example, finding the logo at the France Phone Number List top left and a navigation menu. If we try to do something out of the ordinary we can cause confusion in the visitor as they do not know how to use our website. We are not saying that the structure is always the same. But at least the standards that exist on the Internet must be respected. If you already have your website. Review these 5 elements right now and make the respective modifications.

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