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Go from being an offline broker to becoming an online broker

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Haven’t you still taken advantage of the benefits provided by the internet to attract customers and close more sales? So, you are wasting time – and money! According to a survey carried out by the Center for Studies on Information and Communication Technologies (, 50% of Brazilian homes are already connected to the internet. Investing in digital Go from being media is a necessary action to avoid losing potential customers. It is necessary to be alert to the fact that more and more people start their shopping process online. This applies both to those who buy items such as clothes and shoes and to those who are looking for their dream home. Learn more about the advantages of becoming an online broker: Why invest in a website Investing in a website brings a series of advantages for the real estate agent. The first is that this is another sales channel through which you can get in touch with your customers.

The website is an efficient means

It is important to remember that the internet brings convenience to consumers’ lives. Therefore, it is understandable that they choose this tool to start looking for the ideal property. If you don’t have a website, these are potential sales you miss out on . Becoming an online broker also makes your daily life easier. With the possibility of sending interesting USA Phone Number List property links to customers, for example, you save time in your work routine and simplify communication with consumers. Tecimob: Website ready for real estate agents and real estate agencies. A complete tool for you to sell more! Find the ideal software Have you ever tried to create a website, but the result was not what you expected? This is a very common situation, but it has a simpler solution than it seems. The software used to develop your website makes all the difference at this time.

It is necessary to ensure that the chosen system

When we talk about investment, we are not necessarily talking about money. Paying a lot for a system is no guarantee that it will bring the expected results. Tecimob is a great example of free software that offers all the tools you and your customers need to have the New Zealand Phone Number List best experience possible. Did you know, for example, that 47% of people over the age of ten access the internet from mobile devices? This was another piece of data collected by the survey. It is necessary to think about this considerable number of Internet users who can use their cell phones when searching for a property and offer a website compatible with mobile devices – a tool made available by the Tecimob system. SEO optimization , which ensures that more internet users find your website during a web search, is yet another example of an essential feature for your website.

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