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Web page design – 4 things your client hates

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Any company can have a website, but not everyone can be successful on the Internet. If the design of your website uses elements that. Instead of attracting Web page design potential customers. Drive them away. It is necessary to seriously evaluate making a new design. According to our experience. The “root of the problem” comes from the company itself, that is, the majority of entrepreneurs when starting the Web page design design of their website want to do it their “way” without even wanting to define a real objective. It is not about of having the website because everyone has one. With that way of thinking we will not achieve any economic benefit. Below we share 4 things that your client possibly “hates” about your website and you probably haven’t notice.

Website design that is too sophisticate

Make the user think too much 5 Do you help? Website design made entirely with animations It is likely that your client to know the telephone number or address of your company, but when they enter your website the first thing that is shown is an animation with a message that says “loading. Please wait” the question is: Why? What should the user expect. If they only  your contact information? Website design with background Benin Phone Number List music Imagine the following: Your client is in a meeting and to visit your website to review your services. He enters and suddenly loud music is heard which attracts the attention of all the participants in the meeting. This situation is very uncomfortable and could damage your reputation. If you consider your company serious, DO NOT use background music unless you are promoting a “concert” Too sophisticate website design In several meetings we have with our clients, they ask us to design a modern. Unusual website. With images moving across the screen. An animate figure waving, etc.

Imagine for a moment that you have a website

Make the user think too much Following the idea of ​​the previous point. On the Internet people are already accustome to certain structures that make navigation on a web page easy, for example that the logo is always locate on the upper left side of the screen and that when you click on it you will lead to the main page. There is an organize German Phone Number navigation menu, etc. Following these standards, it is advisable to use elements that users are already accustome to using; this almost always applies since there may be exceptions such as music band sites, video games, etc. But if your website is a business type, it is best to always follow the standards. We can continue mentioning the things that make your client end up hating your website, but these are the main ones. If you have already detecte some of them on your website. Change it right now.

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