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You have these two problems

I look into, there is a lack of staff. People no longer talk about a shortage of skilled workers, but rather about a lack of skilled workers – because there is a You have these shortage not only of skilled workers, but everywhere. The “ War for Talent ” is in full swing. If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re reading this, I’m probably not telling you anything new. The growth of many companies today is often not slowed by the order situation, but by the lack of personnel.


Also and especially for companies


Politicians (regardless of which faction) react too slowly and You have these do not get the problem under control – but this is also a global phenomenon. That’s why Thailand Phone Number List it’s important for you to act yourself – and with online marketing you can do it really well!   that are not active in the digital sector: craft businesses, “classic industries” and everything that is a little old-fashioned – these industries have the greatest opportunities in digital personnel marketing.

Applicants do not find the position

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Your competition is often completely asleep You have these here and if  you read this blog post to the end and implement the advice, then you will have a huge France Telegram Number advantage. with the shortage of skilled workers There are usually two reasons why companies don’t receive enough qualified applications: Applicants cannot find the relevant position.   in question attractive enough . I will first give you a few tips on point 1, then I will go into how you can become more attractive.

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