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You created a new product

Your crawl budget is used efficiently and Google crawls as few unimportant URLs as possible. Graphical representation Google search What options are there to You created a control crawling and indexing? Here I recommend that you read the documentation at Google Search Central on the topic of crawling and indexing control . You should first make sure that none of your important pages appear in the “Crawled – Not Currently Indexed” coverage report.

If an important URL


In the best case scenario , continuous SEO monitoring You created a means you always have an eye on the top content of your domain. At this point, another Sweden Phone Number List practical tip: is no advantage in submitting a URL multiple times via the indexing check tool, we have had different experiences. So: is not indexed (immediately or quickly), just keep submitting it manually. However, there is a limit of 10 URLs / 24h. The next step is: How many URLs are there that Google doesn’t want to index? You should always consider this number in relation to the total number of pages.

A spike in unindexed pages

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An example: If your domain only has 150 You created a pages, then 50 non-indexed URLs are definitely relevant, but for a domain with 50,000 URLs, 50 pages are very few. Also France Telegram Number important: What is the trend? Are the number of crawled, unindexed pages increasing?  may indicate that many URLs with similar content were created at some point. An example: category and forgot to give the resulting filter URLs special treatment, such as exclusion via robots.txt. You can read about other ways to deal with filter URLs in this blog post.

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