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Use Google Search Console

This is how you find the right long-tail keywords In Use Google Search order to find good long-tail keywords, you have to put yourself in the shoes of your target group. What questions do users have on their minds? What specific problems are you looking for a solution to? And: Can you help with your products, content or services? Keyword Basics At this point I will give you tips for a very specific area. Do you want to know how to generally do keyword research? My colleague.



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Felix explains this to you in Use Google Search his blog post: Keyword research: How to find the right keywords . It’s best to use the funnel principle for your long-tail search: start Korea WhatsApp Number Data with an overall topic and refine your keyword findings in the second step. Example:   artists in your online shop and are looking for keywords for your blog section “watercolor” – then keywords like “watercolor” or “watercolor painting” are a good place to start. The Google Keyword Planner and similar tools give you an initial thematic overview of what users are looking for when it comes to “watercolor painting”.


Google Suggest and Answer

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Check whether and with what content Use Google Search your Arabia Email List competitors cover this topic and which long-tail keywords they use. Use long-tail keyword tools like ThePublic for specific problems and questions. Screenshot search results Google Suggest With W-question words and your topic, Google Suggest provides you with relevant long-tail keywords. In forums and Facebook communities you can get inspiration directly from the target group; you should also use these questions and terms for your research.

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