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Unfortunately creating snippets is

As mentioned, the description is only actually displayed as Unfortunately creating snippets inserted in around 30% of cases. In many cases, Google takes more appropriate text from the website. Title Description Check 24 Check24 does a nice job for one of the toughest keywords in Germany: “motor vehicle insurance”. In addition to a discount, the current year, the words “comparison” and “cheaper,” the description also includes other advantages. Very well done!   Write short sentences or avoid sentences altogether by creating lists.

But far ahead is good

Delimit them with hooks or other special Latvia WhatsApp Number List characters, as in the example from Check24 above. Address the keyword again – but it doesn’t necessarily have to be at the beginning.  If you use wording in the description on your website as high as possible in the text 1:1, then the probability is higher that the description will also be displayed. Who should write titles and descriptions? a typical intern job because it is supposedly a job that can be easily outsourced.


Description best practices

Whatsapp Number List

However, you should let your most Unfortunately creating snippets experienced SEOs Canada Telegram Number do this and not outsource it to inexperienced people. You can get a lot out of good snippets – and lose a lot out of bad snippets. You are dealing with one of the most important ranking factors at the moment – why should someone with little experience do this work? This is how you check the quality of your snippets Every time a user searches for something on Google and then clicks on a result, Google registers it. The more users click on the first position, the happier they are with Google.

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