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This way you can determine

Here we specify the output file including This way you the name. Record the webp file extension here! Again without a path so it goes into the same folder as the input file. If you now look in the folder where you started, you will find the JPEG image converted into a WebP image. This should take up significantly less memory, but be very similar in quality. The effort involved in converting all possible images and sizes to WebP can be enormous for larger websites.Here I took a photo as an example. q 75 : 75% was enough for me as a quality setting.

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How do I convert images to WebP?   How This way you depends Hungary WhatsApp Number List heavily on the functions of the CMS.  Convert manually via command prompt (without CMS) Google gives webmasters a specially developed program for this conversion. You can download this tool for the operating system you want . The representation remains the same.  Using our example: For Windows 10! Here is a how-to on how to convert images to WebP manually using the Google tool step-by-step: Unpack the file specified above (or the one for your operating system from the downloads from Google) into your desired environment. Now go to the /bin folder using the command prompt (CMD).


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If it turns out that the majority of This way you visitors Malaysia WhatsApp Number List cannot see WebP images via the desired browser variation, the effort to switch to WebP is not worth it, as your visitors would not benefit from this. Bottom line: Find out which browser versions your visitors use most often and test them for WebP support manually or using a browser hosting provider. This way you can weigh up whether the effort is worth it for you. Have you found that your website users can benefit from WebP images? Very good!

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