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This is how you find out

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Let’s assume you are a very well-known craft company and an employee or agency creates a great graphic in five hours of work. your 1,000 fans. If it’s This is how successful, 100 people will see it; the five hours of work on the graphics cost you 500 euros internally. For an additional 500 euros you can reach around 25,000 additional Facebook users (at 20 euros / 1,000 impressions). What is better? Reach 100 users for 500 euros? Reach 25,100* users for 1,000 euros? *You still get the 100 organic users if you post the content. There are only very few companies where the organic reach is so high that you can save on ads costs. Therefore, social media should always go hand-in-hand with social ads.

In addition to pure facts

The freestyle: Let your employees tell the story If you This is how have already implemented the above points, then take care of strengthening your employer Denmark WhatsApp Number Data brand.  , emotions also play a role in choosing an employer. And here you can score points with stories and videos from your employees. If you manage to get employees to stand in front of the camera and say how good it is to work for you, then it will have a strong effect on your applicant conversion rate. Of course, the video shouldn’t be forced, but should be as authentic as possible – but that should be clear.


Use applicant management

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Pro tips at the end in short form  software This is how that allows you to track applications by input channel. which channel brings applicants and which doesn’t. Make Japan Telegram Number your application process lean and, above all, quick. Unfortunately, 3-4 weeks have become far too long today. If you are faster than other companies, then you have a huge advantage. Trade fairs, conferences and events in your industry are a large recruiting pool. But don’t start poaching people or chatting them up, but rather show yourself as a company in a positive light.

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