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Usability and user experience The cookie consent banner can have a negative impact on the user experience and intuitive usability of your website. Incomprehensible and non-transparent selection options that require a long search increase the risk that more users will leave your site in frustration and, in the worst case, never come back. Of course, your rankings wo n’t plummet just because of a difficult-to-use cookie banner and the associated poor user experience.

Positive example of a cookie

Other ranking factors , such as the quality of your content, are much more important in my opinion. But: If a competitor is as well positioned as you when it comes to Lebanon Phone Number Data many other SEO factors, user signals such as short clicks can tip the scales.   consent banner Clear, understandable, charming customers: Well done .


If users refuse consent

Phone Number Data

Analysis and monitoring No cookies, no data.   or ignore the banner completely, your database shrinks. This point has no direct impact on the SEO performance New Zealand Phone Number List of your website. You can build good rankings even without cookies. But: Without relevant data on user behavior, your analysis options are limited – this applies to the measurement of KPIs such as conversion and purchasing behavior, length of stay, pages per session, bounce rate and many other parameters.

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