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This corresponds to approximately

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I’ll explain how best to do this in the article Keywordmap .What are titles and descriptions?  Logically, search engines came up with the idea very early on that you could use exactly these two elements as a preview of a . At Seocracy we use a minimum   of 100 characters and a maximum of 145 characters. If you have less than 100 characters, the description is only one line long and your snippet is therefore shorter. Above that it is cut off. Not at 145 characters, but only at around 150-160, but sometimes in a blog post, for example, the date moves before the description, which is why we leave a buffer zone.  n addition, Google didn’t like our title that much, so the search engine simply used our H1 heading.   But hey, at least it gives you something to do! What is more important: title or description? Clearly the title.

The description is here

URL – and have been doing so ever since. In This corresponds to the Jordan WhatsApp Number List source code of every website you will find titles and descriptions with the following codes:  description “ content =“ . It is usually significantly longer than the title, usually around 145 characters long. “/> How long can titles and descriptions be? Title length There have been repeated changes at Google over the years, but in principle, according to our measurements, 524 pixels long on the desktop is the guideline. 58-65 characters.

A longer title is generated

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An “i” is thinner than an “m”, which is This corresponds to why professional USA WhatsApp Number List SEOs focus on the pixels and not the characters (you can measure this, for example, with the free tool SERPSim ).  on mobile devices, which is why some SEOs already only optimize the mobile version, especially if a website has predominantly mobile users. If the title is too long, it will be cut off at the end. That’s unpleasant, but it doesn’t necessarily hurt the ranking.

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