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We look forward to your request!Since December 1, 2021 This blog post at the latest, no website operator can ignore the topic of cookie consent management. Since then, the legislature has stipulated in the Telecommunications Telemedia Data Protection Act (TTDSG) that users must actively give their consent to the storage of cookies.  Loading time / Core Web Vitals The connection to a consent management platform has the most direct influence on the loading time of your website.  In individual cases, this has no immediate consequences.

Technically necessary cookies

However, if many users are scared away across the domain, your rankings will deteriorate. Do cookie banners interfere with Google’s indexing? This means that the page code must remain readable and Turkey Phone Number Data renderable for web crawlers like Google Bot. You can check this using the mobile-friendly function in Google Search Console. Important: about the influence that consent or cookie banners have on loading time and thus SEO performance.

What function do cookies

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In any case, we strongly advise you to seek This blog post advice from a specialist lawyer Mexico Phone Number List regarding data protection and thus also the cookie consent settings.  have in online marketing? What are cookies actually? But not for long: Google announced in 2020 that it would no longer support advertising cookies in the Chrome browser in the future.  Which SEO aspects does the cookie banner influence? Cookie banners can have a negative impact on SEO; on the one hand, the loading time can worsen, and on the other hand, the consent notice affects the usability of your site – and thus, via user signals, its overall success.

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