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Thin Content If only a

Thin Content If So it’s normal that it can take a while for your pages to appear in the index. It’s best to check the indexing status of new important content at regular intervals. Quality & relevance of the content Google’s maxim is to only index pages that are relevant and useful for a user’s specific search queries.  These include: Duplicate content Thin content Bad internal linking Content that is no longer current 1.

On the other hand

Duplicate Content Google doesn’t particularly like duplicate content. Firstly, because more resources are required to crawl several identical pieces of Argentina Phone Number List content.  , Google also has to evaluate: Which URL is the most relevant for the search query? The more similar sites there are, the more complex this project is. If in doubt, Google will save itself time and resources and, in the worst case, will not even crawl the page anymore . Reading recommendation.


Finding & Avoiding Dangers

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My SEO colleague Felix goes into detail about the topic in Egypt Telegram Number his blog post “ Duplicate Content: Understanding,   ”.  The same applies to a photo series without captions. For one simple reason: Google needs readable text in order to be able to evaluate page content. Graphical representation video SEO concept This video SEO checklist from my colleague Christina gives you a good initial overview of what you should consider with video landing pages.

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