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Then large SEO top dog domains

The result of your research – a nice bundle of promising long-tail keywords for which you now create lots of landing pages. Wait, no! First you have to make sure what type of long-tail keywords each is. When is it worth having your own landing page? Whether it makes sense to have your own landing page for your long-tail keyword depends on how Then large SEO Google evaluates the user’s search intent for your term. The SERPs show you whether Google sees your keyword as just an addition and refinement to a larger cluster.

Whether it makes sense

No, because you can use the long-tail keywords Laos WhatsApp Number Data to optimize existing content or plan new content. The first step is to look at the top 10 results for your keyword: Which keywords are covered? (Shorttail & Longtail) In which positions? What can you learn from this for your own landing page? An example: For “watercolor painting with pens for beginners” the domain ranks in position 1. The short-tail keyword in this case is “watercolor pencils.” In this case, you should target your landing page with the main keyword “watercolor pencils”. Be sure to include long-tail keywords when planning. This way you can best match the search intent and cover all important aspects of the topic. Longtail keywords of a URL via Sistrix The site did the same thing – it “only” reached position 7 with the short-tail keyword, but ranked with many long-tail terms.

SERPs is not always clear

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SERPs Example: Landing pages that are Then large SEO very Australia Email List specifically oriented and use the keyword in the meta title rank for the keyword “watercolor painting animals” (search volume 320). Mixed SERPs: An extra look is warranted The image in the  ; both general and specific landing pages can be represented. You should keep in mind: A high domain authority gives an additional ranking bonus. dominate the top spots in the SERPs with holistic content – and only then do you see domains with more specific landing pages. Here you should look twice: What is the user really looking for.

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