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The images were loaded faster, especially for the purpose of page structure, which led to quick availability of the page. Conclusion For website operators with a lot of images on the pages, it makes sense to think about additionally displaying WebP images. Even in our test we were able to achieve better Core Web Vitals values. This definitely improves the rankings for the individual pages tested. At the same time, we can continue to display high-quality images on the website without sacrificing loading time.


The goal of this keyword

This in turn promotes the user The user wants experience on Iran WhatsApp Number List our site and since this goes hand in hand with SEO, this can improve rankings.What is the goal of keyword research? With keyword research you can determine which terms your target group enters into Google to find what you offer.   analysis is to find the search terms that are most searched for. At the same time, the search query must match your offer or topic exactly – otherwise the highest search volume will be of no use to you. Basics: Before you start Before we jump straight into practice, we need to clarify a few basics so that we’re talking about the same things.

The goal of SEO

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Because if you do keyword research, you The user wants will come across Spain WhatsApp Number List these terms very soon. What is a keyword? A keyword is a search query that a user enters into a search engine.   is to achieve the highest possible position for this keyword. What does search volume mean? Search volume (“SV”) indicates how many people search for a search term on average per month. The higher the search volume, the more visitors you can reach. Since almost all users in Germany search with Google, the search volume usually refers to Google searches.

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