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The menu can be accessed

The font size and formatting (bold, italic, etc.) The position of the link (in a list, on the page, in the footer, etc.) Number of linked words: a few words or a short expression Important: Make sure to write meaningful link texts. Your text tells users and Google something about the site and what they can expect there. Unlike external links, you should definitely use “hard money keywords” as link texts for internal links, because there is no risk of a manual penalty or Penguin. Links in the menu The placement of links in the menu has a big impact on passing link juice.


You get a lot of link

from every page. By placing a link in the menu, it Taiwan WhatsApp Number Data can be seen on every page. The pages you want to include in the menu should be your most important pages.   juice from this placement. Internal links in the footer At the bottom of every website is the footer. There are usually links to the imprint, the contact page or the like. You shouldn’t forget the footer with its links. Like the menu, it is located on every page and passes on link juice. However, be careful here: the footer is not intended to insert tons of links.

Reasonable Surfer model

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Repeating links in the footer makes no The menu can sense and worsens USA Email List the user experience on your site. At the same time, according to the  , these links pass on little link juice because they are less likely to be clicked. Tip: I don’t advise you to place links on a page multiple times so that the pages get more link juice. Even if you place a link more often on a page, Google only counts the first link that the bot finds on the page, for example in the menu.

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