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The installation should always

A little tip from my experiences with WebP changes at Shopware: Since you work on the server’s console, you have to prefix the commands with “php”. However, with some hosters you have to be a little more precise: with 1&1 you have to prefix /usr/bin/php7.4-cli instead of php so that it works.   Convert via WordPress plugins WordPress itself already converts images very well and, above all, automatically.  Bjørn Rosell’s plugin is ideal for offering WebP images .

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However, since many WordPress systems Iceland WhatsApp Number List deliver cached pages to the user via caching plug-ins such as WP Rocket in order to speed up loading times, it is advisable to use the   developers of the WP Rocket plug-in for WebP images to use.  Personally, I think the <picture> tag makes the most sense, but you should try out which method works best with the theme of the WordPress site.


The installation should always

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As soon as this has been implemented, images can Mexico WhatsApp Number List be displayed using WebP. Don’t forget: clear your cache!   This is a job for IT. You can also find the installation instructions on the plugin page. After you have carried out the conversion via the console, you can check the switch to WebP in the plug-in itself in the backend.

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