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The gender neutral term

The search results for keywords with the same search intent i elopment of our language; in general, people tend to take a wait-and-see approach to The gender neutral such things, said John Mueller in the SEO consultation on June 10, 2021. As another interesting contribution to continue listening to, I recommend the Search off the Record episode ” Inclusive Language in Search ” from December 7, 2021 (in English). Gendering (almost) without SEO disadvantages: 7 tips My recommendation If you want to gender and important keywords are affected, the colon variant is the safest option.

The important thing gender neutral

Because Google definitely recognizes the male The gender neutral keyword here and at the same time you address all genders. If this is not possible – for example Lebanon Phone Number List with “doctor” and “female doctor” or “marketing expert” The gender neutral and “marketing expert” – you should mention the genders alternately in the text.  then: You have to decide on a main keyword after analyzing the search volume and the SERPs. From an SEO perspective, in most cases this will be the male version.

Freely research a wider range

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Use a broader keyword base It definitely The  makes sense to consider sensitive language when researching keywords.   of alternative terms The gender neutral that fit Switzerland WhatsApp Number List your topic. In addition t dictionaries, it is also worth brainstorming gender-neutral words in a team. An example Let’s assume you are a restaurant owner and are looking for staff for the service. The search terms in question here are not only “waiter” and “waitress”, but also “service worker”, “service specialist”, “waiter”, “assistant in waiter service”, “service employee”.

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