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The correct structure of

The correct structure What is important here is that you choose the keywords that will really bring you forward and also provide you with potential interested parties, not just “readers” of your articles. Of course, you can also create a landing page about child nutrition – but that’s a little far removed from your actual topic. Felix shows you how to specifically optimize individual landing pages in our blog post: How to specifically optimize individual landing pages .


Better loading times and

Loading time optimization & Core Web Vitals Wasn’t that Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List the point? Correct. Because if your loading times and core web vitals are too bad, then you won’t be able to rank properly even with the best website. That’s why this point belongs to both hygiene and optimization.   better Core Web Vitals values ​​help the ranking of your website. But be careful not to subordinate everything to the issue of loading times. A fast loading time is important, but not everything. A very large website that has a lot of visitors obviously has to care more about the topic than a small business.


An online shop that regularly

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Nevertheless, every website should be quick The correct structure and easy to Malaysia Email List use.    Due to long loading times, you not only lose rankings, but above all you also lose customers! You’ve probably already canceled an online purchase in annoyance because the website simply didn’t load. You should take care of a fast website because it improves all usability parameters – especially your conversion rate.

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