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The behavior of users has

Graphic on the process of crawling and Google The behavior of indexing Crawling and indexing are closely related – both are a prerequisite for rankings.  For example, if your page has the noindex tag, the process stops here because that is your instruction: “Please do not index this page”. You can read exactly what the Noindex day is in the Seocracy Guide. During rendering.

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Google reads the entire document with all of its The behavior of content.   processed include, among others: Visualization of the page Reading structured data Poland Phone Number Data JavaScript is running Check for duplicate content and many more.   Why am I writing this in the subjunctive? Because these steps are a prerequisite for indexing, but not a guarantee. Pages that do not meet this requirement should not be in the Google index.


Mobile-first indexing changed

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Important: Indexing does not mean ranking and The behavior of has nothing to do with ranking factors – it only means whether a URL is stored in the Google database.   fundamentally in the last decade – the proportion of search queries via mobile devices such as smartphones Africa Phone Number has increased significantly.  The truth is: All of your important and relevant pages that meet a user’s search interest should be in the index. In very few cases – for example with very small websites – Google indexes all URLs of a domain. On average, the indexing rate is between 30 and 60 percent, explained John Mueller in the Google Search Central SEO Office Hours on November 19, 2021 . But it is also true: the larger your website, the greater the im.

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