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The design of a web page should never be final

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There are many companies that commission the design of their website. Publish it on the Internet and forget about it, when they finally do not obtain results. They wonder where they may have gone wrong. The answer is very simple, a web page should never have a definitive design. If you already have a web page which was create 2 or 3 years ago and you compare it with a web page of your competition that has recently been publishe.  You can notice the enormous difference . This is because technology and changes on the Internet change very quickly. More than 1 year ago, one of the most popular social networks in Latin America was HI5 and now we already have everyone talking about Facebook.  Which makes it necessary that our website is social, that is, that the contents can be share and comment on.

Change the design of my website?

Images from the website 3 Persuasive text 4 Calls to action 5 Do you need help? When should I change the design of my website? The short answer is: Always But when I talk about a change in website design , I don’t mean changing it completely, I mean changing or improving the Cayman Islands Phone Number List elements within the website. Below are 3 things that you should change on your website from time to time to improve the conversion of visitors to prospects: Images from the website The use of images helps to reinforce the message that we need to convey to the visitor, but it is not about publishing a related image and that’s it, it is about choosing an image that causes a desire or motivation in the user, for example instead of place sunglasses I can place the image of a person wearing sunglasses, it is proven that the use of people in an image makes the user feel more connecte and attracte to the product.

The recommendation is to always change images

Persuasive text Having the best product and/or service and not knowing how to describe it can make you lose a lot of money, almost no user is intereste in reading the mission and vision of the company.  You must know how to communicate the benefits and advantages of what you offer, not write simple characteristics. Your website must answer the Hong Kong Phone Number List question : What’s here for me? This text must be change frequently or tests and compare different versions of texts to know which one generates conversions best. Calls to action We repeat the importance of calls to action in almost all the blog articles and they are so important that without them the conversion rate of visits to leads would be almost zero.  You should always try and test different calls to action Until we know which one generates the highest conversions. We must change the colors, texts, size, etc. Incredibly, almost 90% of web pages do not have clear calls to action. Calls to action should always be change, whether the text or the colors used.

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