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Rewriting titles by Google

The quality of Google depends heavily on the Rewriting titles by CTR – and accordingly achieve a good CTR here (just like with Google Ads). If you don’t have a good CTR as a result, you will unfortunately have to be ranked lower, even if it is a good result. The CTR, i.e. the click-through rate, is the most important point as you can check the quality of your titles and descriptions from the outside.


CTR in Google Search Console

The formula for calculation is: CTR Rewriting titles by calculation formula Lebanon WhatsApp Number List Here is the formula for calculating the CTR. But you don’t need it, because it’s right there in Search Console! You can find the CTR for all your URLs and keywords in Google Search Console under “Performance”.   CTR in Google Search Console You should pay attention to this when it comes to the CTR of URLs: Always check the CTR of a URL for a specific keyword. It doesn’t do you much good to look at the basic CTR of a URL without a keyword or the CTR of a keyword without a URL.

I know someone who once

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Your website often ranks for irrelevant Rewriting titles by search China Telegram Number queries, which often have a poor CTR – you don’t need to worry about that. Logically, the higher the ranking, the higher the CTR. Otherwise, a “good” CTR depends extremely heavily on the keyword.  ranked #2 for “Facebook.” Before Corona, this was the most searched search term on Google. He received extremely few visitors because the CTR on the first result ( was 99.99%. Almost everyone who googles it wants to go to Facebook.

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