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Recipes example Well explained

YouTube pages to visitors 10% faster. 10% doesn’t sound like a lot to the average consumer, but if we look at the example of Amazon above, these saved Recipes example Well milliseconds can bring in more sales. Facebook, with its numerous images in the news feed and user posts, was also able to reduce the network load by a total of 50% due to the switch to WebP together with other measures, which resulted in a more performant display of Facebook.  delivered with a file size reduction of 80% using WebP. Basically, it can be said that .

This makes perfect sense


WebP combines the properties of three previously Guatemala WhatsApp Number List known image formats: JPEG, PNG and GIF. This was not possible before and now represents a new meta in image formats. Now the question is: For which websites is it worth switching to WebP images? Below I’ll give you a few examples where it makes sense! Who benefits from switching to WebP? If we consider the core features of .

PNG images could even be

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WebP again – the most consistent Recipes example Well quality possible for Indonesia WhatsApp Number List images, but a significantly reduced file size – we can assume that photographer sites can benefit here, as they want to present their images to users in the best possible resolution.  , but wouldn’t other industries benefit from it too? Online shops rich in images Product presentation with many high-resolution images – loading time may be affected! Product presentation with many high-resolution images – loading time may be affected! It is often the case in online shops that numerous images are assigned to a product, especially on furniture sites like Here a living area is presented with many images and a video.

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