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Quality is viewed and evaluated

To be honest, in 2022 I would even go so far as to say: Never change your URL structure – no ifs or buts. Google doesn’t really handle this confidently and I’ve seen many projects that have suffered sustainably as a result. URL structure John Müller also said just Quality is viewed Just stick to your URL structure, whether flat or hierarchical. “Choose one that makes editing and tracking easier for you and that you can keep for 5-10 years.” Do you need help? Are you looking for a good online marketing agency? We’re here for you! We look forward to your non-binding inquiry. 089 | 219 09 84 11 [email protected] Or contact us using the form: Contact now.


I think it also depends


Number of words in the document ↘ 2014: “In the 2014 Searchmetrics ranking factors study, Marcus Tober found that Google is increasingly leaning Cambodia WhatsApp Number List towards long documents. It’s also clear: a document about ranking factors with over 2,000 words is probably more extensive than one on the same topic with 200 words.  n the topic, but in principle it’s true: the more words, the better the ranking. At least up to a certain length.” As I said, Google initially aggravated this trend until they went backwards in 2018/19, see the point above “The document is clear”. Basically, there is a rule of thumb: If you have more text on a URL, you won’t necessarily rank better for your main.

Google likes it when a document

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keyword – but you will rank for more keyword Singapore Phone Number List combinations overall. Headings & keyword included in the heading → Of course,  is logically well structured. However, headings are far less important than one would think. Google can now recognize graphic text markup and can see when certain words are larger or smaller than others. The keyword should appear in the main heading; in small subheadings I would focus on related terms and especially terms within the semantic environment (WDF*IDF). This text from 2014 can be left as it is in 2022.

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