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Many campaigns run without

I would recommend an exact match if you know 100% that Many campaigns run your customers are looking for this exact keyword in exactly this spelling. Otherwise, you can use the other matching options to discover new keywords that your customers are looking for.  . Amazon gives you guidelines for your bid for most keywords. You can use this as a guide. You only pay as much as you bid. As an advanced option, you have the option to pay up to 900% more than your original bid. To have better control over your spending.

You set the bid per keyword

I would recommend sticking with your actual bid to Many campaigns run start with. Your ads will only appear on the SERPs when targeting by keyword. Targeting by ASINs India Phone Number List When targeting by ASINs, you can set your bid. Amazon has guidelines that you can follow. When targeting by ASINs, your ad will only be shown on the ASINs’ product page. Sponsored Products You use Sponsored Products campaigns if you want to advertise individual products. Your ads will be placed on the SERPs or on product pages.

You can see an example

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Advertising is identified by the Many campaigns run addition “Sponsored” under the product image.   of a Sponsored Products ad on a SERP here: seocracy-examples-of-organic-and-sponsored-products-amazon This is what sponsored ads and organic results look like on India WhatsApp Number List Amazon. Sponsored Brand On the other hand, you use sponsored brands if you want to strengthen your brand in addition to the products. This ad offers you the opportunity to place three products at the same time and your brand and logo in one advertisement. This is what Sponsored.

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