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Lossless conversion involves reconstructing

Many users are not that into text and prefer to consume videos. YouTube brings additional advertising revenue on a large scale. The YouTube product is popular and it makes money – great! With Google MUM you can wonderfully additionally monetize your users. Unfortunately, an information-oriented search query currently doesn’t bring Google any money. In the future, the user will not click on a website, but rather on a YouTube video and then on an ad within the video.

YouTube now, then you are welcome


And I was able to generate money from a poorly Lossless conversion involves paid France WhatsApp Number List search query – a huge advantage! So we will see even more YouTube in the search results in the future. And there will also be more options on YouTube, such as the additional related videos discussed, which identify various related topics within the video. If you want to get started with   to do so with us – we specialize in this and have been doing YouTube marketing for ourselves and for our customers for years. And otherwise? As an SEO, should I be afraid of MUM? A slight trend towards “fewer clicks” in the sense of direct answers is already included in Google MUM. In my opinion this is a small danger.


Google should handle the

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It feels like information on websites Lossless conversion involves is being used more France WhatsApp Number List and more as a pure vehicle, without the webmaster being involved in the success. Here,   information responsibly and, if possible, name the source and of course also link it. Even if, as an online marketer, I’m not present on YouTube at all, it’s best to add more here now. The more visual my product, the more important YouTube will become in the future. Fundamentally, however, Google MUM will probably be more of a slow reform than a real revolution.

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