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link juice is lost

Benefits of an internal linking strategy In contrast to the concept, which contains the ACTUAL state with a reference to the TARGET state, the strategy describes the necessary steps to the TARGET state. If you use your well-thought-out strategy for your internal linking, you will have some advantages and may be a little ahead of your competition. You can effectively control link juice and its distribution. Not only does a good internal linking strategy make Googlebot’s work easier, it’s also easier for your users to find their way around. You can control crawling with internal links.


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Linking correctly: tips & tricks Finally, here are my tips and tricks for optimizing your internal linking. If you keep these 9 points in mind, you can effectively Netherlands WhatsApp Number Data control the distribution of link juice.  John Müller announced this in a video and on Twitter .   In addition, Googlebot no longer follows the links on the page, which means that .    robots.txt, SEO and crawling control in Felix’s blog post. Tip: Check your robots.txt file regularly.   With the “nofollow” attribute you give Googlebot the command not to follow a link.

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Sometimes SEOs try to manipulate link juice is link juice with India Email List nofollow by labeling links internally with it. If 2 of 10 links are set to nofollow, then the link juice from these two “nofollow” links is not distributed to the remaining eight, but simply evaporates in Nirvana. Internally, you should never use nofollow, because so-called pagerank sculpting doesn’t make sense.

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