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Understanding what users want to find when searching is essential for good rankings. These can be very different things: understand keywords often account something (“informational keywords” like “pepper differences”) Or he wants to buy or conclude something (“transactional keywords” like “buy pepper”) Or he wants to call up a specific result (“navigational keywords” like “pfeffer wiki”) This is a topic in itself, which we explain in the blog post Understanding Search Intention .


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What are short-tail keywords and keywords often account long-tail Israel WhatsApp Number List keywords? Short-tail keywords are short keywords, often just one or two words, that are frequently searched for.   are very competitive. Long-tail keywords consist of multiple words and are very specific. They are therefore very rarely searched for – according to Google, 15% of all search queries have never been searched for before. However, the many different long-tail just as much traffic as the short-tail keywords. It is also worth optimizing for “small” search queries. This is how you do keyword research .


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Now we will show you step by step keywords often account how to find Switzerland WhatsApp Number List suitable keywords. To add some spice to your reading, we chose an example for our keyword analysis:   information-oriented advice content about the different types of pepper. Step 1: Google keyword The first step should always be to Google your keyword yourself. Why? Because you might be using a completely wrong keyword. The search results give you information about what the searchers want to find. If there is completely different content than yours, it is the wrong keyword for you. At the same time, the search results give you new ideas.

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