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Keyword included in external

Keyword included in In 2014 (almost 2015) this factor is no longer so important. It depends on the quality of the websites that link to the document. Many documents are also not necessarily suitable for links.” This factor has weakened even more in 2022, especially at the URL level. links ↘ You should not work with keywords in external links.  in 2014 – in 2022 there will be some really new SEOs who will start doing it again. My tip to these SEOs: Just google “Google Penguin”.

Conclusion As already mentioned


And then think about it again…  , these were the ranking Cameroon WhatsApp Number List factors when you look at a document individually (without its domain). No new factors were really added, although many were refined and some became more important, others lost. much more on a URL basis – something Google couldn’t do to this extent in 2014. Last but not least, user signals are now becoming increasingly important.


That was already dangerous

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Google no longer makes measurements using tools, but Spain Phone Number List more and more via the browser. With the Google Keyword included in Core Web Vitals and the so-called field data – i.e. values ​​derived directly from real browser data – you can no longer keep this secret. If I were Google, I would take a similar route. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what the WDF*IDF value is: if the user is happy with a URL, then they are happy. That’s all that matters to Google – organically.What is a Google Update? Before.

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