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In the same image you can

Introduction to SeoTools For Excel The SeoTools for In the same Excel are now a popular way to evaluate GSC data, among other things. With their many connectors, functions for manipulating data and extractions from pages on the Internet, they help online marketing managers (OMM) and SEOs quickly and easily receive targeted information about websites.



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In this blog post see an icon with a “Register” suit on the right. Here you have to enter the key for your purchased version of SeoTools for Excel so that everything can work properly. I will show you how you can use SeoTools in conjunction with Google USA Phone Number Data Search Console . What do you have to pay attention to with certain functions?   get more and more advanced. Installation of SeoTools for Excel Before you can use SeoTools for Excel, you must purchase it. You can currently purchase it via the SEOTools for Excel homepage at a price of €99 per computer per year (as of November 8th, 2022). The more licenses you purchase, the cheaper it becomes.


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Short disclaimer: We do not receive any money or In the same anything for this post.   Tools for Excel first? Click here to request a two-week trial period. After you have purchased SeoTools for Excel or Australia Phone Number List ordered it on a trial basis, you will receive an installer file for your respective system, which you must install. After installation, SeoTools for Excel will be available to you in the upper right area of ​​your Excel menu bar. The SeoTools for Excel ribbon is clearly structured according to application areas. At the top right of Excel you get access to the SeoTools. The wide range of tools is clearly structured according to application areas.

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