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In links and backlinks If

Unfortunately, there is no optimal number that you can use as a guide.   and build internal links Now you know how you can use the site architecture to your advantage. In order for it to work effectively for you, you need to control your internal linking. You shouldn’t link all pages to all other pages, but only to thematically relevant pages that fit into the Linksilo structure. An important relevance signal is the targeted linking of pages to one another within a topic, the silo.

Control internal linking

This means that you regularly check whether pages have enough inlinks and can be noticed by Google. A suitable tool for this is Screaming Frog.  Depending on which pages these links come from, they have different weight and pass on Mexico WhatsApp Number Data different amounts of link juice.The internal links that link the pages strengthen the subpages of the corresponding silos, which creates internal link power. The individual subpages in turn refer to the higher-level pages of the corresponding silos, creating a clear structure for Googlebot.


This means that you create

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Not only internal links, but also Germany Email List external links (backlinks) pass on link power.   Links from the home page carry the most weight and are the most valuable. Make sure to include enough inlinks, but not to fill pages such as the homepage with too many links, otherwise your most important pages will receive less link juice or link power. Left silo This is where the left silos come into play.

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