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If you would like to refresh

It is important that every one of your relevant pages is in the Google index and that the number of unimportant URLs crawled remains as low as possible. This is especially true for large websites. If you have a high proportion of non-indexed pages in relation to those that are indexed, then you should definitely go into analysis. The two reports “Crawled – currently not indexed” and “Found – currently not indexed” will help you with this assessment. If you find a lot of irrelevant URLs here, you should check whether you can technically avoid their creation or exclude them via robots.txt.

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If pages that are important to you end up in these two reports, submit them manually. Your further actions depend on the cause. have a duplicate Kuwait Phone Number List content problem – and fix it. Make sure you publish unique and current content that meets a specific user search intent and that this is reflected in the keyword focus. Optimize internal linking so that the bot can reach your pages as quickly as possible. Make sure the pages in the sitemap are submitted. your knowledge of RankBrain, then I can recommend Michael’s blog post .


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“Google Updates – Panda, Penguin and Co.” 18,000 subscribers can’t be wrong You don’t want to miss any of stay up to date? Subscribe to our newsletter Egypt Telegram Number now and receive every new Seocracy article by email directly to your inbox!   form. Holistic marketing An important keyword in marketing is holistic marketing. In holistic marketing, it is important to communicate a holistic image of the brand or company. These include relationship marketing, integrated marketing, internal marketing and performance marketing.

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