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If he knew you existed

No matter whether B2B or B2C. Target group differentiation B2C versus B2B B2C: Let’s assume you have a classic online shop for bird food. Your If he knew target group are bird owners who want to buy food. So far, so simple. B2B: Now you are not a bird food dealer, but rather offer a simple solution for quality control of bird food. You could say: your target group is bird food manufacturers. So simple – but unfortunately also so crude. Too rough for your SEO B2B strategy.

Those responsible in

The users – or more precisely – the online If he knew searchers differ in:   the company who are looking for a solution to their problem. In this case, the Poland WhatsApp Number Data department head at the bird food manufacturer wants to improve quality control. They are more likely to search using specific keywords and technical terms and have little interest in long information articles. People in the company who have less in-depth specialist knowledge. This could be an intern who is supposed to research the topic and make a pre-selection. Sometimes it is also the decision-makers at the top level.


Potential customers who

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Both are not as deeply involved in the If he knew topic as those Malaysia Email List directly responsible; they will search more unspecifically – but with a specific goal.  don’t even know that they even need your product or service . This could be, for example, a zoo that could regularly check the food it has purchased. . You’re more likely to reach them with informational landing pages related to your product, for example with a blog post about the pollutants in parrot food. You now have to reconcile these different needs.

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