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If an error occurred during

This means that the users of your website cannot access the content of the requested page. If the error occurs more often, users will stop coming back. These negative user signals in combination with the http status code can lead to a loss in rankings and even removal from the index in the long term. Status code 503: service unavailable The status code 503 is similar. This means that the server is temporarily unavailable.

This response code

This http status code is used, for example, when the server is overloaded or is undergoing maintenance. Make sure that this status code is only temporary Iraq WhatsApp Number Data so that your site does not lose rankings or be thrown out of the index. Tip: The time when the server is expected to be available again can be specified in the “Retry-After” header field. Status Code 418 – I’m a Teapot! Probably the most important status code when it comes to SEO is the http status code 418 (attention, irony!).  was introduced by the Requests for Comments in 1998 and says: “I’m a teapot!””.


Google rediscovered it

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It is part of the April Fools series. In 2014 If an error  and Turkey Telegram Number recorded it: Teatime on Google with status code 418. The 418 status code with the teapot is of course not SEO relevant. Although Google treats it like a status code 200, we still strongly advise you not to use it. Other (less known) status codes The status codes mentioned in this section are relatively unknown. Two proprietary status codes are mentioned and explained here. Status code 906 transmission of the request from the client to the remote server, then status code 906 is issued.

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