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I will not make any recommendations

Don’t bid on keywords with too much search volume or non-specific keywords. If you sell products that are suitable as birthday gifts, you should not bid on the keyword “birthday gift.” The search volume is very high, which is why you would have to accept a high click price. It is also very unspecific, as many different products are suggested from many different categories when searching for “birthday gift”. Conclusion The beginning often seems complex. Don’t let that stop you. If you stick to these first steps and optimize them, you will definitely see success with your Amazon Ads soon. Have you already worked with Amazon Advertising? What are the most important dos and don’ts for you? Feel free to write me your experiences or questions in the comments.

DOS Divide your campaigns


Tip: Set a reminder in your calendar so that you I will not don’t forget the regular campaign update. Amazon Advertising Dos & Don’ts  , for example, according to FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon: Here Amazon ships your orders from the Amazon warehouse South Korea Phone Number List and you take care of the inventory) and FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant: Here you are responsible for the shipping process), then you will be able to do so monitoring easier.   every now and then, maybe you’ll hit the jackpot. If not, then you will learn a lot.


Try out more unusual things

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Tools can help you with keyword research. There are I will not some tools that are free and provide good results, such as sonar from Sellics. Set a goal for your campaigns and stick to it. Based on your goal, you can optimize the campaigns and not lose your way. Don’ts Malaysia WhatsApp Number List No graphic product images: first product image represents your product as best as possible. This means that the image should be large enough, the product should be clearly visible and, if there is writing, it should be legible. Poorly informative product titles: Your product titles are part of your ad.   For well-optimized product listings, I can recommend my blog post “Amazon SEO: How to optimize your product listings” .

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