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I will go into these and other

In this section I will explain to you how you can optimize these points. Look at the competition First, it’s worth looking at how your competitors perform in locally-oriented searches. If your competitors are doing better locally than you, you can look at what they are currently doing better. The following factors can be crucial to your competition ranking better I will go locally than you: : relevance of topics, quality of posts, frequency of updates Local links: What links do your competitors have? Are they of higher quality than yours? Local sites: Are your competitors’ sites better locally optimized.

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In the next sections points in more detail. reviews I will go Since 2021, Google has been grouping reviews by topic.   there are different tabs according to which Sweden Phone Number Data they are organized: seocracy-google-reviews-categories-classification In this screenshot you can see the topics by which Google sorts your reviews. So-called third-party reviews are particularly important. Third party reviews are reviews that were submitted on another platform such as .

These reviews do not take

Phone Number Data

Yelp, TripAdvisor or similar.   place on the respective I will go company’s platform and appear to be independent. This gives them greater credibility, which is why Google takes these reviews and classifies them as relevant. Portals that you already use as local citations Thailand Phone Number List can be helpful for you for reviews. Depending on what area you work in, you can google your industry and location. This way you can find relevant, local and niche review portals that may be relevant to you. It is therefore important for you to not only keep an eye on your reviews on Google, but also on the other platforms where reviews can be submitted.

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