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I recommend starting with

Creation of the first campaign To start with a campaign strategy, a sponsored products campaign. This is where you can learn the most and transfer your knowledge to other campaigns: Give your campaign a specific and meaningful name.  Your campaign with the aim I recommend starting of generating more sales could be as follows: Product_Revenue Do you want to set an end date? date.  Set a daily budget.   Campaigns with a daily budget of €20 typically run all day. That depends on your click prices. Sponsored Products – automatic campaign This is what setting up automatic campaigns on Amazon looks like. Below I will explain to you what you have to do to make your sponsored products work: We can help you! Are you looking for a competent, flexible and reliable online marketing agency.


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There are two approaches here: product targeting and audience targeting.We look forward to your non-binding inquiry. Contact us seocracy-amazon-campaigns-automatic-targeting This is how Indonesia Phone Number List you determine the direction of your I recommend starting campaign. Here I have chosen automatic alignment. Create a display group: Which products would you like to display together in a group? A developed campaign structure will help you here. A campaign can have different ad groups.

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With product targeting you can control the I recommend starting positioning of the ad and with audience targeting you can select your target group with Amazon Audiences and retarget them with remarketing based on product views and purchases.  generated by Amazon and adjustments are Indonesia WhatsApp Number List made to ensure your ad works optimally. This is what sponsored display ads can look like: seocracy-examples-sponsored-display-ads-amazon Screenshot from Amazon Seller Central: This is what sponsored display ads can look like.

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