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For now, the keyword ideas that I find in a list. I used to aggregate as much data as possible from all tools and then collect dozens to hundreds of keywords. recommend that to you today. It’s better to approach it sensibly and only add missing keywords verbatim – not the hundredth spelling or rephrasing. With a compact number of I informally collect keywords you can work much better later. Step 2: Check related searches But there is a lot more inspiration lurking in the search results.


Check Google Suggest

For example, the “Related Searches” at the I informally collect end of Italy WhatsApp Number List the results: pepper varieties related searches I can also include all of these keywords directly in my research. In addition, after your search, you can simply click in the search field to receive further suitable search suggestions from “Google Suggest”: pepper varieties suggest Here I find at least two new keyword ideas: “Best pepper for mill” and “Pepper types pictures”.


Google, there are also a

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You ca let yourself be inspired by the I informally collect other ideas: keyword Taiwan WhatsApp Number List ideas in the keyword planner Here you will also find some new ideas, such as “types of pepper” and “different types of pepper”. Step 5: Use tools away from Google In addition to the data from  variety of paid tools that provide you with additional keywords. You can also use these tools to examine the competition. Simply choose one of the top-ranking URLs and display the best keywords for this URL. In our pepper example, this would be a magazine article from

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