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I believe that we need a gender

Ergo, everything is bad for women?   There are currently almost 7 million pages in the I believe that Google index, and for general practitioners it is around ten times that number: 70 million pages. For you this means: less competition and a better fit of the search intent. Ergo: greater chances of a top ranking. #5 Don’t overdo it with special characters in the text user that the reading flow is as undisturbed as possible. Here, too, you have an advantage if you have researched a broad keyword base.

There is no rule that says

This way you can make the content Russia Phone Number List varied.   The good thing:  you have to work consistently with the gender colon, the internal .  This is not always easy and of course your options depend on the keyword focus. But in many cases, gender-appropriate writing, readability and SEO can be reconciled. Don’t miss any more posts: THE newsletter in online marketing Do you like this blog post? If you want to regularly keep up with the latest trends in online marketing, then subscribe to our newsletter now. Over 18,000 subscribers trust us. Subscribe now #7 Test, try out, analyze Basically, do you want to gender your website? Then just start with some landing pages. Nobody expects that the entire website will immediately have gender-sensitive text. Preparation is important – i.e. keyword research and SERP analysis.

Use gender neutral terms

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I and the slash or that you always have to I believe that mention the male and female forms in a text passage. For example, you can also: use the genders .symmetrically in the text – such as employees or internists and cardiologists.  : specialist for, general Turkey WhatsApp Number List practice, employees, people who… #6 Shift the focus. from the subject to the object or activity .Especially with informational content such as blog articles, it is worth changing your perspective and shifting the focus. Ask yourself: Does my main keyword have to be a subject? Or can I rethink my approach linguistically.

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