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This leads to the saving of redundant motion and color information, which is noticeable in a saving in file size. The VP8 video codec (royalty-free However when someone format for lossy compressed video files) also uses this technique for keyframes in videos. Lossless WebP compression .

Very little loss at 80%


An average value of 63% saved file size is possible Germany WhatsApp Number List here . This means: Even if someone doesn’t like the quality However when someone of the images with an 80% quality setting, the 90% quality setting can save around 60% of the file size. At the 80% quality setting, the images for online shops or image-rich websites, for example, are absolutely great in quality if you look at the relationship to the file size. There he provides exact figures on how much file volume he was able to save when switching from JPEG to WebP on his photographer site. He found that with 100% quality retention, the reduction in file size from JPEG to WebP is rather small.

In his opinion, photographers

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However, if converted to 80% quality , images can be Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List reduced in file size by an average of 78% with very little loss However when someone of quality.   pay a lot of attention to the details. something from an online shop, they probably pay less attention to which edges are really smooth or which contrasts are really present. Morris then wanted to find out whether a significant reduction in file size was still possible at the average value, i.e. 90% quality .

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