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Here the improvement was

Through an in-depth analysis you have the opportunity to find out which factor currently influences which value. Would you like to find out more about Core Web Vitals? Julian has published a post on Core Web Vitals as a KPI ! Now follow the Here the improvement Core Web Vitals values ​​associated with the example shop, which we averaged after 3 tests: WebP images conversion beforehand Core Web Vitals values ​​before switching to WebP images After we have activated the switch to WebP images in the example shop, let’s look at the new table.


The speed index  quickly

WebP images conversion later Core Web Here the improvement Vitals Indonesia WhatsApp Number List values ​​after switching to WebP images Here you can see that the score for the First Contentful Paint fell from an average of 2.4 s without WebP images to 1.33 s with WebP images. T : the smaller, the better.   Conclusion: 12.5% ​​saving in time 18,000 subscribers can’t be wrong You don’t want to miss any of our posts and stay up to date? Subscribe to our newsletter now and receive every new Seocracy article by email directly to your inbox.


he following applies here

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Click here for the registration Here the improvement form.  content is displayed Singapore WhatsApp Number List on the page, has been improved from an average of 2.9 seconds to 2.26 seconds. Conclusion: 22% saving in time The total blocking time has also changed positively here from an average of 543 milliseconds to 267 milliseconds. Conclusion: almost 51% savings The Largest Contentful Paint is the only value that hasn’t changed much. only from an average of 2.9 seconds to 2.8 seconds. But this can also apply to other factors.

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