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Here a Russian plucked

Here a Russian Google displays the SERPs here with a large selection, comparison pages and the like. But the more we go into a long-tail keyword such as “mud-colored living landscapes,” the more likely individual product pages appear here.   XXXLutz. Travel sites Bora Bora travel example 49 high-resolution images can ensure long loading times! When I think back to my last vacation, I remember that tour operators like to advertise with beautiful pictures of vacation spots. Let’s look at this example from TUI here .

Like the living area from

WebP can help here. Strong compression allows Honduras WhatsApp Number List product pages to contain great images while using less data. Of course, other mechanisms such as lazy loading play a role here, but it still makes sense to deliver such images using WebP. Recipe pages step by step means: lots of high-resolution images . Since these will also be applied to desktop from February 2022 , now is a good time to look into them. Now let’s get to your website! WebP images also for your website To make the effort worthwhile, you should research beforehand which browsers, possibly also browser versions, your users use to access your website.


I remember that recipe sites often

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A great example of this is this Russian Italy WhatsApp Number List plucked cake : cake is prepared in 14 illustrated steps. This ensures that the visitor can compare after each step whether the result currently corresponds to the status of the recipe.  Conclusion for all pages with many and/or high-resolution images.Since new browser versions can contain new security gaps, many companies rely on older, already fixed browser versions. This can mean that WebP does not yet work here.

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